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Best Gift. Ever.

Join the Boating Lifestyle.

There are 365 million trillion gallons of water on the Earth.

Roughly. So there's plenty of H2O to explore. What better way to explore the water than to own your own boat? It's an excellent way to reduce stress, create bonds with friends and family, and have fun. But if you still aren't convinced, we’ve got more to share. Want to know the benefits of boating? Need to sway the spouse? Do kids and water mix? Maybe you're looking for a great boating destination? We've got the answers coming up next.

What's Inside This Chapter:

  • The Benefits of Boating
  • Spousal Conversion
  • Kids and Boats
  • Destinations and Activities

Benefits of Boating for Family/Boating Vacations

No one asks ‘Are we there yet?’ when you’re going full throttle.

When you hear the phrase “getting away from it all,” it’s not meant to be taken literally. One of the reasons you bought or want a boat is to go out on the water with friends and family. At least we hope so.

We know that your friends and family want to experience the water. They've told us so. They even know what they want to do when they’re out there.

A study conducted by the National Marine Manufacturers Association listed fishing as respondents’ favorite boating activity by a whopping 54 percent of the people surveyed. The other 46 percent? Many of them just like to cruise and relax. Some like to water ski. One guy just likes to stare at the waves.

The point? Recreational boating gets people out of the house. It allows your co-workers to release some stress. Boating helps create a sense of community on the water. It can be an adult getaway or family fun time. Boating forms bonds and creates memories that can be shared across generations.

Let’s see your TV do that.

Convince Your Spouse

Hydrotherapy for the aqua-hesitant.

You want a boat. But, for some unexplained reason, your spouse or partner isn’t in the same ... boat.

“We can’t afford it.” “We don’t have the time.” “I don’t like to fish.” You’ve probably answered the questions you haven’t even asked yet. The pressure is on, and you haven’t started the conversation. You know what would help you relax? A boat.

See how easy that was?

The reasons why you should get a boat are endless. So, before you start working on your “spousal conversion,” keep these four important facts in mind:

  • Boating is family-friendly. “It’s not about me—it’s about quality family time.”
  • Boating is affordable. “If we can afford to go to (insert location here), we can easily afford a payment.”
  • Boating reduces stress. See above.
  • Boating is fun. “Have you ever heard anyone complain about having to go for a cruise?”

And if that doesn’t convince them, take them out on a boat. Let the water and wind do the talking for you. It’s hard to argue when the sun is shining on your face and the gentle lapping of the waves surrounds you.

Kids and Boating

No child ever got in trouble for watching the water too long.

For children, boats are like fire-truck rocket ships made out of candy and hand-dipped in chocolate. They just can’t get enough of them. They stop whatever they are doing and their only thought is, “I want to ride in that.”

It’s hard enough these days to round up kids, let alone keep them in the same room or focused for any amount of time. Fortunately, with the numerous activities associated with boating (fishing, water skiing), the skills that can be learned (knot tying, driving), the responsibilities involved (safety, mechanics) and the cool organizations centred around and involving boating, your problem won’t be getting them out on the water. No, you’ll have to figure out how you’re going to drag them off.

What a wonderful dilemma.

Plus, doesn’t spending a day on the lake with your loved ones sound much better than being stuck in traffic with your family and the neighbour kid in the car on your way to the mall? No one minds spending time next to each other on a boat. Just think about that the next time the kids argue about who’s on “their side” of the backseat.

Great Boating Destinations/Boating Activities

Have boat, will travel.

If you thought that choosing your boat was a fun decision, just wait until you get to choose where to go and what you’re going to do once you get there.

Are you up for some fishing, watersports or just a bit of relaxing? Are you going solo, making it a romantic cruise, or do you plan on bringing friends and family? Is this a three-hour tour, a weekend getaway or the best way to spend your two-week vacation? Maybe you want to think outside the box and take up snorkelling or create a home away from home.

At this point, as much as we’d love to help you choose what to do, there are just some things you need to decide for yourself. But don't worry, we won’t leave you landlocked all high and dry.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what to do once you get to where you’re going. Take your time. Boating is one of the few things in life that allow you to do absolutely nothing and feel good doing it.