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No, No, No,
After You.

Operating: Getting on the Water.

In this section, we’ll introduce you to the “ways of the water.”

From launch to docking and everything in between, we have a few tips and requirements to make your voyage a safe, courteous and enjoyable experience. Friendly advice, informative videos and more boating fun can be found in this chapter.

What's Inside This Chapter:

  • Boating Etiquette
  • How to Dock your Boat
  • Marina Locator
  • Boating Classes and Courses

Driving the Boat

How To, Right of Way, Etiquette Tips

Hey! I’m boatin’ here!

Every boat needs a captain, and every captain needs a boat. It’s up to both to head in the right direction. With millions of boats registered in Canada alone, the logical assumption is there are a lot of captains believing they have right-of-way.

Overall, the boating community is a friendly group composed of folks who want to relax and have fun. Though their boats vary in size and power, and whether they are on the water for sport or leisure, most captains understand that the best way to be safe on the water is to use common sense.

Just like you did back in driver's ed, take the time to learn the basics of boating safety and on-the-water rules of the road. Before you head out, double-check your equipment and safety gear. When you’re on the water, operate at a safe speed, obey postings, watch for others, avoid alcohol and, above all, be respectful to others—all 5,999,999 of them.


Finder and Etiquette

The closest your truck will ever get to being a boat.

Let’s take this slow and steady...

We know you’re excited to get that baby off the ramp and into the water. We also know the delight of pulling up, jumping out and up to the ramp, gliding to the dock or smoothly into the slip and tying off the docklines when the day is done. And some of us have seen the unfortunate consequences of launching in and hauling out too hard and too fast.

Slow and steady.

Entering and exiting the water shouldn't involve wild hand gestures and guesstimations. They're about being familiar with your equipment, trusting your ability, communicating clearly with your crew, and practice, practice, practice.

We’ll also let you in on a little secret: Almost anyone can drive a boat, but not everyone can launch and return like a pro the first time they take the helm. Take the time to learn how to do it right and you’ll (further) impress your friends, family and marina cohorts with your boating skills.

Search for
Boating Classes

Surf the www for the ABCs
to avoid an SOS.

Practice safety before you go out on the water. Take a boating safety course. These courses are designed to protect you, for the safety of your passengers and others out on the water.

Even if you're a seasoned pro, it's always good to take a refresher course. No matter where you live in Canada your Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) is mandatory.

Your PCOC is like your driver's licence and once you have yours it's yours for life. Get in the know before you get going.Click here

Be responsible.
Be safe.
Have fun doing both.