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Sorry, "Hot Ruddered Bum" Is Already Taken.

Name Your Boat.

Sure, the kind of boat you buy is important.

But to be honest, one of the most difficult (yet fun) decisions of all those you have to make awaits you: naming your boat. “Seas the Day”? “Slalom Oath”? “MHz. Tip-Sea”? “Marlin Monroe”? The possibilities are endless, so here are a few tips and suggestions to spark your imagination. We know some of you already have a name picked out even if you don't have a boat yet. However, check out our pointers so you don't regret any decisions down the road.

What's Inside This Chapter:

  • Tips for Choosing the Perfect Name

A Name Your Boat Would Be Proud Of

People have probably named boats as far back as the invention of the very first boat. We’re willing to bet that very first boat had a name before the word “boat” even existed (history books don’t go back that far, but we’re pretty sure the first name for a boat was “log”). We’re also willing to wager that many soon-to-be boat owners know what they’re going to name their boat even though they don’t know what kind of boat they want to get.

That’s how important naming
a boat is to boat owners.

We can’t tell you what to name your boat, but we can tell you that boats are usually given a female moniker. (Seriously, who would want to spend an afternoon on “Uncle Bob”?) It’s also been said that to rename a boat is bad luck. Pish. Not true. People rename boats all the time. Just be sure to do a proper naming ceremony when you do. So, if you’re a sailor and you come across a boat named “Scuttlebutt,” don’t be afraid to switch it up.

Boat names often deal with the water and relaxation, like “Sea Breeze.” Those who hit it big often use boat names that reflect how they were able to finance their dream cruiser. Say, “Lucky 7s.” Other names, like “The Party Barge,” openly reflect (and refuse to apologize for) what they are.

One thing is for certain: Whether bass boat fisherman or express cruiser owner, boaters loves to name their boats. There are a lot of “aqua-holics” out there. How original do you want to be?

Well, What Are You Waiting For?

Are you ready to take the plunge? If you haven’t already thrown your swim trunks on and aren’t tearing up the water as we speak, sign up to have a certified dealer in your area contact you, or browse though a list of certified manufacturers. The water is calling, my friend.