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7 Days to Boat Ownership

  • Before You Begin

    Before You Begin

    Before you begin your seven day quest to boat ownership, take an opportunity to go out on a friend's boat with a few people including your Significant Other (S.O.). This will give your S.O. a taste of…

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  • Day 1


    Change your computer's homepage to The next time your S.O. logs onto the internet, they will be inspired by the beautiful boating images on Discover Boating's website. Then, you'll have your chance…

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  • Day 2

    Accessibility (It's so easy...)

    Educate your Significant Other (S.O.) on how accessible the boating lifestyle is by pointing out that 80 percent of Canadians live within a one hour drive of a body of water they can boat on, …

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  • Day 3

    Dinner with Friends (Everyone's doing it...)

    Plan for your dinner date with friends to be close to a boat dealership. Make sure that you pass the dealership both on the way to dinner and going home. On the way to …

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  • Day 4

    Affordability (We can afford to own too...)

    Visit Discover Boating's Budget Planner to print out information that shows how the costs of boat ownership compare to the costs of other family leisure activities. This is a great …

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  • Day 5

    Experience the Lifestyle (The breeze in your hair..)

    Get your S.O. in the mood for a boat ride by purchasing them a boating related gift like a captain's hat or new boat shoes. Present the gift to them…

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  • Day 6

    Fun for the Family

    From, email video testimonies of consumers who have already purchased a boat to your S.O. Videos of families enjoying the boating lifestyle and real people telling their story of boat ownership…

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  • Day 7

    Making Waves

    You have covered all of the bases except one - together time. Talk to your S.O. about not only all of family time you'll be able to spend together on the boat, but couple time as well. Boating, with the stars bouncing off …

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Quick Tips from Other Boating Families

  • Tip 1
    Attend a Boat Show or Demo Days Event

    Boat shows and demo days are perfect places to introduce a spouse to…

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  • Tip 2
    Book a Dinner Cruise

    Few things are more romantic than dining aboard a boat.

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  • Tip 3
    Enjoy a Nature Cruise

    Experience Nature’s wonders from the deck of a boat.

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  • Tip 4
    Family Picnic on a Boat

    Make dinning afloat an integral part of their boating experience.

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  • Tip 5
    Have a Party Afloat

    Birthday celebrations and neighborhood parties held on a boat won’t soon…

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  • Tip 6
    A Romantic Proposition

    Boating has played an integral role in many happy, long-lived marriages…

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  • Tip 7
    Take a Boating Vacation

    Explore that lake or river or ocean just beyond a day's drive away.

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