Discover Boating Safety

Discover Boating Safety App

The Discover Boating Safety app is a must have for all boaters in Canada. Nearly half of all Canadians spend time on the water. This app ensures boaters have relevant, easy to use, helpful and up-to-date information about safe boating practices.

Use our Discover Boating Safety app to promote boating safety and also provide customers/boaters with all of the essential resources for boating in one place. The app includes weather resources, safety information, checklists and emergency contacts, among many other things. There are many different ways to promote this app by using the resources on this page. You can include these download links in your newsletters, on your webpage, social media or any other place you feel fit to promote it.


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Key Features:

  • Boating safety checklists
  • Weather resources to help plan trips
  • Minimum required safety equipment and navigation light requirements based on vessel type
  • Visual references of buoys & beacons
  • Interactive Float Plan in which the boater can save multiple plans for quick and easy access
  • Emergency procedures information such as recovering someone who has fallen overboard
  • Information on how to properly operate a boat such as docking, mooring and anchoring
  • Plus much more!





Of course the Discover Boating Safety app is FREE and available from the Apple and Google Play stores.


Industry Materials

Download and use these materials and content to help promote the Discover Boating Safety app.

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Going boating? Download the Discover Boating Safety app before you leave land. It’s full of safety info from Canada’s Safe Boating Guide and more. Plan ahead so you can focus on fun. Download the app here. #BoatSafely

Do you know all of your navigation aids? Use the visual references of various buoys & beacons from the Discover Boating Safety app. Download the app here. #BoatSafely

Bringing guests out on the water? Start with the passenger safety checklist from the Discover Boating Safety app to make sure your guests are prepared so you can focus on fun. Download the app here. #BoatSafely


This is suggested content to use to promote the app in your newsletter:


Going boating? Boat Safely from Port to Port.

Just launched! The Discover Boating Safety app is designed to keep you, your friends and family safe when you’re out on the water. It has all the info, tips and tools you need for boating safely in Canada, including navigation buoys, checklists, emergency contacts and much more. It works online, offline and offshore. And, it’s free.