FAQs - Owning and Operating

How do I license my boat?

The following link provides information you need to comply with the requirements.


What kind of maintenance do I need to perform on my boat?

There are a couple of boat maintenance procedures you will need to perform to make sure your boat stays in shape for many seasons to come. Our boat maintenance section includes everything from spring start-up checklists and pre-departure tips to information on boat motor maintenance and winterizing tips.

What is the best place to store my boat?

A key component of recreational boating is the question of where to keep your boat when you're not using it. Budget, convenience and availability play into the equation and should be part of any boat comparison process and pre-purchase family discussion. There are a couple of options you may want to consider. You won't find a less-expensive way to keep a boat than storing it on a trailer in your driveway or backyard (be sure to check your local bylaws). Another alternative for smaller boats is rack storage, or dry stacks. A typical rack storage facility keeps your boat in a covered shed filled with trailer-like cradles. For owners of larger boats, and owners of small boats who crave convenience, a marina slip is the best way to go.

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What are the things I need to consider when trailering a boat for the first time?

If you've never trailered a boat, there are several things you need to consider. First is the towing capacity of your car, truck or SUV. You can find this information in your vehicle's owner's manual. Generally, small family sedans are not safe boater options for towing, although a small, aluminum fishing boat may not present a problem, provided you have appropriate towing equipment installed on the car. Most standard pick-up trucks and SUVs can tow boats up to 25 feet, but again, consult your vehicle owner's manual for limitations.

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What are the costs associated with owning and operating a boat?

Naturally, comparison prices for new boats vary depending on size and make, but many boat manufacturers and dealers can put you in the captain's chair for considerably less than a monthly new-car payment. In fact, monthly payments for many entry-level boats can be less than $200. Learn more about ongoing costs of owning a boat

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