Boating Courses

Get "Boat Smart"

You learned the "Rules of the Road" before you sat behind the wheel of a car-and you should do the same before taking the helm. Learning the basics of boat operation and boat safety is best done before your first trip to the marina or launch ramp. Transport Canada regulations require most power boat operators to have a Pleasure Craft Operators Card. The following resources will help you learn more about boating education and safety:

Boating Courses

Many organizations offer boating courses in almost every community. Boating courses are available through commercial boating schools nationwide as well and many reputable boat dealers offer an orientation session with the purchase of a new boat. For a complete list of accredited organizations, visit Transport Canada's list of Boating Safety Course Providers.


Start Boating

If you are just getting started, be sure to watch these helpful videos about boating basics and how to have a safe and fun time on the water. Visit StartBoating.