freshwater fishing

With around 8 million anglers in Canada, fishing consistently tops the list of favourite outdoor sports. What hooks people on fishing? Maybe it's the variety. Lakes, rivers and streams all offer great fishing and the list of gamefish - trout, bass, tarpon, bonefish, sunfish, muskie, bluegills - goes on and on. Or maybe it’s because fishing can be as much about spending time with family and friends enjoying the outdoors as much as it is about reeling in the big one.

Whether you want to find helpful freshwater fishing tips and resources or are interested in researching different types of fly fishing boats, explore our site today to discover the unique joys that freshwater fishing can bring to your life.

Freshwater Fishing Boats

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Selecting your freshwater fishing gear

Selecting your freshwater fishing gear

With nearly 8 million Canadians listing fishing as their preferred leisure activity, recreational anglers outnumber participants in most other outdoor sports. Successful anglers mix patience, skill, finesse, and sometimes brawn to land their catch. Having the right equipment makes it easier to achieve success and enjoy the sport.

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Fish Found in Freshwaters

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