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Freshwater Fishing Reels

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Bait-Casting Reels

This reel stores line on a bearing-supported revolving spool geared so a single rotation of the reel handle results in multiple spool revolutions. The spool\'s spindle is perpendicular to the rod and casting direction. Line comes off the reel as the spool spins. The reel is designed to handle a wide variety of fishing lines and its adjustable drag system has the power to control a surging big fish. Spool friction adjustments are required to keep line from tangling in a spool "backlash". Additional adjustments include opposing magnets to slow the spool rotation to prevent backlash. These reels offer the best casting accuracy and fish fighting control, but require more skill and practice to use.

Spinning Reel

Mounted below the rod, a spinning reel spool has a fixed spindle is parallel to the rod and direction of cast. It releases line from the front edge of its fixed spool when a wire "bail" is flipped open. Line is retrieved when the crank moves the bail around the spool, winding on the line. The reels are sized to cast and store light lines ranging from 2- to 50 lb. test monofilament or even stronger braided line.

Closed-Spin Casting Reel

The fixed spool of this reel is enclosed in a conical cover with the line passing through a hole in the cover\'s center. A push button at the rear of the reel releases line for a cast. The ease in casting this reel makes it the ideal option for beginners.

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