Life on the Water

An Everyday Getaway.

Owning a boat means you get more than a conversation piece—you get a vacation with endless possibilities. Anytime you need it. Take an afternoon to explore nature one day, host a beachside get-together, with a boat you have unlimited possibilities. Every time you get on the water, you decide how to enjoy yourself.

It's not just a boat—it's a year-round ticket to a Vacation on Demand.

Vacation on Demand

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Did you Know?

According to a Harris Decima survey, frequent boaters* are more likely than non-boaters to find boating family-friendly, affordable, fun, and relaxing.

Frequent boaters also describe themselves as more energetic, in good physical shape, and as having a positive frame of mind. They also are more likely than non-boaters to feel they are very good at handling everyday stresses of life and unexpected crises.

Owning a boat offers the freedom to get away without the stress of planning.

*According to a 2012 Harris Decima survey titled “Canadian Boater Insights”, a frequent boater is identified as those who own or have access to a boat, and went boating more than three times in the past year.

"Having a boat is a little bit like having a vacation all the time at your fingertips."
— The Ader Family