Get away from it all

The soundtrack to your life isn’t the beat of an iPhone or the unavoidable hum of traffic. Its boundaries aren’t defined by pavement or street signs. The life you seek begins when you leave all those things behind, when you seek out the beauty of Mother Nature and all the magnificent experiences she has to offer.

Boating can take you there. Glide into hidden bays and experience the life taking place both above and below the surface. Cruise across the mirror-like glass of a tranquil lake. Explore the peace and tranquility of a pristine, undeveloped shoreline. Sail across the waves—or just off into the sunset—with only the wind and birds on your personal playlist.

An escape without schedules or stress, but with endless possibilities.

Making It Real

An escape to the water doesn’t have to be expensive, nor does it mean you’ll have to search for sufficient room in which to store a new boat.

Enjoy camping? Take that passion to the water. Many boating enthusiasts enjoy finding an empty public shoreline and setting up camp around a glowing fire. For those who prefer a step up in comfort, overnight accommodations are offered in everything from smaller cuddy cabins to large cruisers.

Sometimes the best way to escape the stress of daily life is just to punch the throttle and leave those obligations in your wake.
Nothing beats baiting a hook and waiting for that first nibble. Plus, fishing can be done from any boat—all you really need is a rod and a hook.

Today’s fuel-efficient engines are easy on the environment—and your wallet. Lower-horsepower personal-watercraft engines burn less than 15 litres (4 gallons) per hour, and have “eco” modes to run as efficiently as possible at all speeds.

Boating is considered one of the best activities to enjoy with family, and a great, distraction-free way to bond with your children.

What you should know

Looking for advice? The answers are as close as your keyboard. The internet is awash with forums, clubs, instructional videos and websites frequented by both current owners and industry experts.

Just add water

Boating doesn’t have to take the place of other outdoor activities. Use your boat as a platform to camp, get you to that out-of-the-way spot you always wanted to hike, or expand your interest in hunting.

Eco-friendly escape

Worried about the gas budget? Or the environmental impact? Strict emissions standards mean today’s high-tech engines burn little fuel, leave little behind in their wake, and won’t disturb the natural beauty with lots of noise.

Bare essentials

Boating can require additional gear to make the most of your purchase, but the absolute necessities are relatively minimal. Start with lifejackets for everyone on board. Use Transport Canada’s Safe Boating Guide or the Discover Boating Safety App for safety equipment requirements by boat type and length.