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Boating Lifestyle

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Codes of Angling Ethics

An Ethical Angler:

  1. Understands fishing and boating regulations.
  2. Cares about aquatic and marine habitats.
  3. Keeps only fish to eat and properly releases the rest.
  4. Is respectful of others on the water - anglers and non-anglers alike.
  5. Leaves no trash, even if left by others.
  6. Shares expertise with less experienced anglers.
  7. Cooperates with authorities.
  8. Fishes and boats safely.
  9. Preserves the sportfishing tradition.

About Fish Waste:

  1. Use fish cleaning stations.
  2. Clean fish as they are caught offshore, and toss fish waste only in open unrestricted water or at sea (if your state allows), never in marina basin.
  3. Recycle fish parts by composting with peat moss or burying in a garden as fertilizer.
  4. Freeze and then reuse fish parts as bait on your next fishing trip.
  5. When no other option exists, bag the fish parts and place the bag in a trash container.
  6. Avoid releasing bait, either dead or alive, into the water - this can introduce foreign species to freshwater lakes.

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