Nestor Falls - Mid Canada

Nestor Falls - Mid Canada

Is fishing an art or a science? Perhaps a little of both. The deft art of snaking a large, flashy spoon or spinner through water cabbage in search of the predatory northern or muskie takes skill and patience. Others might like the finesse of the extra push needed to get that bulky bass bug or hair frog with a slight headwind to its intended target.

Summer trout fishermen often venture forth with enough sonar gear to make any would-be mad scientist green with envy. Whatever your angling pleasure, be it a trophy to be replicated or the superb table fare of walleye, crappie or perch…you can do it all in Nestor Falls and much more.  Camps, campgrounds, shops and restaurants are available to suit a myriad of tastes and budgets. Savour a sizzling steak while overlooking a pristine lake or bite into a spicy gyro at a restaurant accessible by auto or boat.

The Nestor Falls area also has much to offer those who are not anglers; photography, camping, canoeing, kayaking, water-skiing, to name a few.

Ontario boasts of having over 25% of the world’s fresh water.  Geology and good laws have conspired so that future generations will still be able to enjoy spectacular sunsets over rippling, gold tinted, unpolluted water. Though pine and birch flourish amazingly in solid Precambrian granite, the area will never feel the bite of the farmers’ plow or the roar and incessant beeping of the shoreline developer’s dozer.

Hunting or fishing, art or science….the name of the game is outdoor fun with or without amenities … we have it all!