Mighty Fraser Country, BC

Mighty Fraser Country, BC

The Mighty Fraser River, the longest in BC, rises in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. The river’s turbulent waters widen and flow south through fertile valleys until they curve west and empty into the Straight of Georgia. Named after explorer Simon Fraser, the first European to navigate its waters, the Fraser River holds many historic memories and continues to create awe in those who travel its magnificent route through the province.

Visiting boaters will enjoy participating in the abundance of activities on the Fraser River from cruising the river, joining a river safari, embarking on a white water adventure, to fantastic fishing. In Lytton, “The Rafting Capital of Canada,” the Fraser and Thompson rivers meet, generating spectacular whitewater rapids. The Fraser River is also known for its sturgeon and salmon fishing. With over 60% of the salmon migration passing through Mission, lucky anglers from around the world can fulfill their dream of catching either a salmon or a sturgeon in the Mighty Fraser River.

Make sure to visit in 2008 for celebrations commemorating the 200th Anniversary of Simon Fraser’s explorations! Communities along the river will be hosting special events, and there will be many opportunities to “ride the river” and explore the First Nations cultures along the way.

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