Fishing from a boat

Fishing from a boat

FishingFishing from a boat allows you to cover a larger part of a body of water than shore fishing. In their simplest form, boats can be nothing more than a platform that you sit or stand on. Some boats are made for rivers and streams, for small lakes, or for large bodies of water. Oars or paddles, electric motors, or gasoline motors move them through the water. Boats are made of wood, metal, fiberglass, rubber, and other materials.

Some boats used for fishing include canoes, skiffs, jonboats, V-hull boats, "cathedral" hull boats, and specialty boats. If you decide to try fishing from a boat, there is a lot to know before you go. You need to know about:

  • The boat and how it handles.
  • The equipment on the boat and how it works.
  • The waters you will be boating on and any hazards such as submerged trees and rocks.
  • The weather conditions and emergency procedures.
  • The safety devices on the boat and how they work.
  • Your own personal abilities-how much you can do before you become too tired.

As the operator of a boat you are legally responsible for the boat and the safety of those on board. You must also understand the rules of navigation and the courtesies of safe boating. Always complete a boater safety course prior to operating a boat for the first time.

Courtesy of Future Fisherman Foundation.

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