all-purpose fishing boats

All-purpose fishing boats are an ideal choice for the angler looking for a versatile boat capable of a wide variety of tasks. All-purpose models typically feature a deeper-V boat bottom, or “hull”, and have higher sides for protection compared to their low-slung, bass boat counterparts. They also typically include some type of wind protection, whether in the form of a simple screen atop the steering console or full windshield with a walk-thru to the front of the boat, or “bow”. A steering wheel is typical, but some models may rely on a tiller (manual steering lever) on the outboard engine for control. All the standard fishing amenities are present and accounted for, including oxygenated livewells (to store live bait), rod and tackle storage, rodholders, and often an electric trolling motor (a small, slow-speed motor).

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… which activities you'll most enjoy
Fishing, with both friends or family, is the obvious pastime. All-purpose models can venture into a wide variety of waters, meaning anglers can target different species of fish. They also typically accommodate more passengers in comfort, meaning more friends or family can come along for the ride. Though fishing is their primary function, the boat’s versatile design also means that activities like skiing, tubing, and just plain old cruising aren’t out of the question.
… which engine is right for your boat.
Outboard power is the most popular choice. Quiet and easy to service, outboards create additional room in the main seating area, or “cockpit”, and storage space by positioning the engine behind the boat’s back panel, or “transom”. Outboards can also be fully lifted, or “trimmed”, out of the water, ideal for when venturing into shallow waters.

Quick Stats

  • freshwater fishing
  • 8 max
  • 2.4 - 7.3 m (8 - 24 ft)
  • outboard engine
  • human power
  • trailerable