bass boats

Low-slung, open, and with plenty of horsepower, bass boats are the ultimate tool for the serious freshwater angler. That low profile allows anglers to cast from generous platforms at the front (bow) and back (stern). A small, slow-speed motor, or “trolling motor”, typically hangs off the bow; pedestal fishing chairs are easily moved into floor sockets on both platforms. The day’s catch or live bait are stored in an aerated livewell, an onboard tank that continually circulates aerated water to keep the occupants within alive and well; storage is available for both rods and tackle. Why the high horsepower? To allow serious bass fishermen to get to their favourite spot in a hurry…and back to the dock just as fast at day’s end.

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Fishing, obviously. Bass boats may often be rated for more passengers, but two is the typical load, giving the occupants plenty of room to work their lines and concentrate on the task at hand. Almost everything aboard is purpose-built around this task. With so much horsepower (typically 150-300 hp) at the stern, however, getting to and from your favourite fishing grounds is often half the fun.
… which engine is right for your boat.
High-horsepower outboards rule the bass boat market. Quiet and easy to service, outboards create additional room in the main seating area, or “cockpit”, and storage space by positioning the engine behind the flat portion forming the back of the boat, or the “transom”. Outboards can also be fully lifted, or “trimmed”, out of the water, key to getting into the shallow waters fishermen crave

Quick Stats

  • freshwater fishing
  • 5 max
  • 4.9 - 7.6 m (16 - 25 ft)
  • outboard engine
  • trailerable