cuddy cabins

A cuddy cabin may be the perfect compromise for those that want the performance and versatility of a bowrider or deckboat, but dream of being able to spend a night aboard their boat…or perhaps just desire a place to escape the sun and take that afternoon siesta. Cuddies essentially swap out the open front seating area of a traditional bowrider for a small, enclosed cabin. Typically featuring a V-berth (a V-shaped bed designed to fit within the contours of the bow), and possibly a head (marine toilet or porta-potti), freshwater sink, and minimal galley (kitchen), the cabin complements a traditional main seating area, or “cockpit”, layout.

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… which activities you'll most enjoy
Like boats of similar size, a cuddy cabin works well for cruising, entertaining, watersports, or just hanging out with friends at the sandbar. The cuddy cabin, however, opens up new possibilities as nighttime falls. Rather than head back to the dock, anchor out and spend the night under the stars with the waves gently rocking you to sleep. Or, turn the marina into your weekend getaway, spending the night dockside with other marina guests. Feeling claustrophobic? Consider adding a camper enclosure for the main cockpit. A cuddy can also be practical and used to securely store an abundance of gear.
… which engine is right for your boat.
Sterndrive power is the go-to engine for most cuddy cabins. Sterndrives tuck the engine below a lounge area (sunpad) or the engine box at the back of the boat, and allow for an easily accessible and uninterrupted swim platform.

Outboard power has seen a resurgence in recent years. Quiet and easy to service, outboards create additional room in the main seating area, or “cockpit”, and storage space by positioning the engine behind the back of the boat, also called the “transom”. Outboards can also be fully lifted, or “trimmed”, out of the water, an advantage when using a trolling motor to get into shallow waters.

Quick Stats

  • overnight cruising
  • day cruising
  • 10 max
  • 4.9 - 8.5 m (16 - 28 ft)
  • outboard engine
  • sterndrive engine
  • jet engine
  • trailerable