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Saltwater Fishing Boats

From spending quality time with friends and family to enjoying the health benefits of outdoor exercise, saltwater fishing offers a myriad of rewards for recreational boaters. Whether you prefer calm coastal waterways or big game fishing adventures, saltwater fishing boats present a wide variety of options for family boating, sport fishing and more.

All-Purpose Fishing Boats Capable of pursuing many different types of species, all-purpose fishing boats can just as easily be used for saltwater fishing as they can for watersports and spending time with family and friends. 

Centre Console Centre console boats are called such because of the central console that’s surrounded by a large, open deck. This open space also makes them convenient saltwater fishing boats. 

Closed Bow Runabout These sporty boats are similar to a bowrider, except their bow is closed instead of open. While most often used for watersports, they’re also versatile enough to be used for a bit of recreational saltwater fishing. 

Cuddy Cabin Cuddy cabin boats offer a small "cuddy", or cabin space that can also contain a sleeping birth. They’re most often used for watersports, offshore boating, and cruising but can also be used for saltwater fishing. 

Deck Boats Just like their name suggests, one of the main features of a deck boat is a large deck that makes it ideal for entertaining large groups of people. Deck boats are also frequently used for watersports and saltwater fishing. 

Fish and Ski Boats These versatile bowriders are made for enjoying it all, from boat tubing and wakeboarding to serious saltwater fishing. 

Flats Boats Most commonly used in coastal areas, flats boats are specialized saltwater fishing boats. Low-cost and economical, they can easily reach places with less than two feet of water. 

Inboard Cruisers Inboard cruisers feature generous cabin areas and tend to be at least 30 feet in length. These boats can be used for offshore boating and saltwater fishing, and have a drive mechanism that is considered easier to maintain in salt water. 

Multi-Hull Cruisers Multi-hull cruisers (also known as catamarans) have two hulls, which can provide a softer ride than other v-bottom hulls. These fuel-efficient boats feature large main cabins and can be used for offshore boating and saltwater fishing. 

Multi-Hull Powerboats These catamarans make excellent high-performance saltwater fishing boats for offshore boating and extended cruising, featuring the signature multi-hull design that provides a softer ride. 

Sedan Bridge Ideal for saltwater fishing, the sedan bridge contains almost all the amenities of a typical high-performance sport fishing boat, with a few sacrifices made for additional onboard comfort and recreational space. 

Sport Fishing Boats Designed for serious saltwater fishing, sport fishing boats come equipped with all the bells and whistles needed for finding, hooking and landing big fish. 

Stern Drive Cruisers These cruisers are equipped with a stern drive, also known as an inboard/board drive because it combines elements of both. They’re great for recreational offshore boating as well as saltwater fishing. 

Walkaround Walkarounds are similar to center consoles in that they have a full-length primary deck. However, these saltwater fishing boats also come equipped with small cabins for additional comfort.