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Boating Lifestyle

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Fly Fishing Boats

What are the important things to look for in a fly fishing boat?

Flat-bottomed jon boats are one of the most common types of fly fishing boats. Inexpensive and easy to maintain, these simple boats are favorites of fly fishing aficionados and hardcore anglers. Most typically come with a transom onto which a tiller-steered outboard can be mounted. These fly fishing boats are also quite easy to upgrade with additional specialized accessories.

Walkaround boats are another option to consider as well. These comfortable family boats are great not only for fly fishing, but for all types of saltwater or freshwater fishing, as well as various watersports.

For boating in salt waters, the versatile nature of most sport fishing boats also makes them ideal for offshore fly fishing. These performance boats are made for big game fishing, and can easily accommodate fly fishing into the mix as well. Equally adept at handling rough offshore waters are centre console boats. To compare and contrast all different types of boats, please visit our boat finder page today!