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Saltwater Fish - Amberjack


Seriola dumerili

Distinguishing Markings:

Distinctive olive-colored bar from the snout through the eye, to the beginning of the dorsal fin and a broad amber-colored strip running horizontally, along the flanks.  Largest of the jacks and the most sought after by sport fishermen because of its qualities as a game fish.


Common to 40 pounds, up to 140 pounds


Found in the Indo-Pacific around Japan, China, and the Philippines, in the central Pacific off Hawaii, throughout the western Atlantic Ocean, in portions of the eastern Atlantic Ocean (Madeira and southern and western Africa), and in the Mediterranean Sea in tropical and warm temperate waters.


It is found mainly near the surface in open waters, but can be found at considerable depths and around offshore reefs, wrecks, buoys, etc.

Food Preference:



Thought to spawn offshore throughout most of the year

Fishing Tips:

It strikes fast, fights hard and often dives for the bottom.  Trolling, casting strip baits, plugs, feathers, and spoons.  Frequently when one amberjack is brought to the boat, others will follow it to the surface.  Fishing methods include trolling near the surface with lures, spoons, plugs, jigs or strip baits, and also live bait fishing.


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