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Learn to Water Ski or Wakeboard

WakeboardingWaterskiing and wakeboarding are activities that everyone can enjoy. Whether you’re the athlete learning or watching from the boat, there is enough fun to go around!

As certified water ski instructors, their goal is to ensure that not only a student is learning and having fun, but everyone else is enjoying the day’s activities too.

Learning to water ski or wakeboard at a club or school really has its advantages, for not only safety but success. Instructors are encouraging and knowledgeable and they will help you to avoid harsh falls while you continue to increase your level of accomplishment.

Coaches and instructors will begin by reviewing all aspects of the sport on dry land. They will go over safety tips, athletic stance and the sensations that you will feel once on the water, and this will prepare you so that there should be no surprises once your water experience has begun.

After you feel comfortable with all aspects of the sport you will be properly fitted for equipment including life jacket and skis or board. Once you are able to get up on the water, you’ll find that having the proper equipment for the sport in regards to size and level is the next thing to do and the most important part contributing to your ongoing enjoyment of the sport. Most schools are fully outfitted with gear for all sizes and abilities.

Instructors will assistsin every way possible throughout the entire experience, starting with equipment, learning on land and then into the water! Instructors can assist in the water to help with small children or those who are still learning and are perhaps not yet fully confident. The process of holding the rope and being pulled out of the water is a thrilling sensation. You’ll very likely find that it’s one you’ll be able to enjoy faster, and will be even more enjoyable, with the help of a coach.

Once you have learned how to get up and out of the water, you will get a tour of the lake from a whole new view. Speeds are slow and progressive, making you feel comfortable and relaxed so that you can take things at your own pace. For those that are still learning and ‘getting their feet wet’, working with a knowledgeable coach will give you the chance to try different approaches to learning that you might not have seen or experienced before.

To get started, visit this waterskiing and wakeboarding schools listing.

Contributed by: Heather Butts