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Saltwater Fishing Tools

Have a look at some of the different saltwater fishing boat types here!


A sharp hook on a pole is used to impale larger saltwater fish close to the boat. Gaffs are usually used on fish caught for the table.

Flying Gaff

A flying gaff has a detachable hook connected to a rope. Once the fish is impaled the hook comes out of the pole. Flying gaffs are used on big gamefish.

Landing nets

Ideal for landing smaller saltwater species such as redfish, sea trout, flounder and snapper, some have single poles and others are telescopic for a longer reach. Corrosion resistant materials are most important for the latter.

Saltwater Fishing Pliers and Scissors

Topnotch saltwater pliers and scissors are made from aluminum, stainless steel or titanium to provide both strength and corrosion resistance. The cutter section of these tools are made of 440 c stainless steel for cutting monofilament and heavy braid but not wire. The best saltwater pliers have replaceable cutting blades.

Saltwater Fishing Knives

Cleaning fish and cutting bait is quick and easy with razor-sharp saltwater knives featuring a high-carbon steel blade. A short, stout knife with a serrated edge works best for cutting up bait. A longer knife with a thinner blade is best for filleting and skinning fish.

Saltwater Hook Remover

A tool with a metal peg on one end and trigger mechanism at the handle. The peg is attached to the hook shank and pushes out the hook when the trigger is squeezed. A long-handled tool is ideal for popping the hook out of fish still in the water.

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