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Saltwater Rods and Reels

Take a look at some of the different saltwater fishing boat types here!

Spinning Rod and Reel

These spinning reels feature heavy-duty gears and drag systems for battling bigger fish. Spinning rods are available in medium to heavy action and range in length from 2 to 3 metres long. Saltwater spinning tackle is popular for working topwater poppers and high-speed plugs and casting lighter lures.

Saltwater Baitcasting Rods and Reels

Baitcasting tackle is ideal for throwing swimbaits and plugs for bluefish, snook and other inshore species. Baitcast reels can handle a large capacity of line ranging from 15- to 20-pound test and gear ratios as high as 7.0:1. The best casting rods feature a fast taper and heavy backbone. Freshwater baitcasting tackle is often used in saltwater. Some are manufactured to be more corrosion resistant to salt.

Saltwater Trolling

Saltwater trolling reels use either a star or lever drag system with a tension adjuster located next to the reels crank handle. Trolling rods can vary in length from as short as 5 ft to over 7 ft, and generally have a notched butt that fits into a gunnel rod holder gimbal, fighting belt, or fighting chair.

Saltwater Jigging Rods and Reels

Saltwater jigging tackle consists of a spinning or casting rod with a springy tip. Spinning or baitcasting reels with heavy drag and large spools are capable of holding hundreds of meters of braided line. Vertical jigging requires high-speed reels with gear ratios of 6.1:1 or faster.

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