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Boating Lifestyle

There is so much to love, and learn, about boating. That's why we created this library of articles, videos and blog posts to help you throughout your adventures.

More Ways to Have Fun Boating

No matter whether you bought new or pre-owned, your first months with your boat are sure to be filled with plenty of excitement. There\'s always more places to explore and activities to enjoy with a boat. No matter your favorite activity, any of these activities are sure to keep you enthusiastic about your next time on the water.

Watersports — It’s fun to be in the boat, but it’s also fun to be behind it as well, skimming along the water on the latest towable. Inflatables are the easy choice, a one-size-fits-most option that doesn’t require much athletic skill or balance. Just hang on for the ride while a responsible driver swings you in and out of the wake. For those looking for a greater challenge, skiing and wakeboarding are always popular, enabling riders to zip in and out of the wakes, or even soar high above them. The latest craze, wakesurfing, is also rapidly growing in popularity. It requires inboard, jet drive, or forward-drive propulsion, but allows any rider to experience the thrill of surfing, no ocean required.

Coving — Every lake, river or waterway has its unofficial “party cove,” a gathering spot where fellow boaters anchor, nose into the sandbar, or “raft up” to socialize and share in the pleasure of boating. Find one that fits your style and join in on the fun. Many boats are designed to enhance the experience, with aft seating areas, extended swim platforms, and boarding ladders to encourage passengers to ease in and out of the water. You may even find a transom remote to control the stereo. Another benefit of coving? It allows you to enjoy the boating lifestyle, while not using fuel.

Fishing — You don’t need a dedicated fishboat to bait a hook and throw a line over the side. Fishing can be done from any boat, and is a great way to bond with kids, spend time with your friends, or just get away for a few moments of solitude. The equipment required is minimal — rod, bait or lures, and somewhere to store your catch. Just don’t forget your fishing licence, typically available online for a nominal fee. Check with your province’/territories’ fish and wildlife agency to get started. Good news? In Canada, no licence is required under 16 years of age, meaning kids are free. However, there are exceptions so please check with your province/territory to confirm any restrictions.

Join An Excursion — Dealers are aware many customers are looking for new experiences, and as such many plan getaways to locations outside their customer’s normal boundaries. These trips aren’t just for those with bigger boats. Trailer boat excursions put boaters both on the road and on the water; overnight or multi-day trips encourage those with overnight accommodations to actually spend the night aboard. Boat camping is also a popular activity. Sleep aboard under the stars, or pitch a tent on a picturesque beach. Just don’t forget to pack the cooler!