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Boating Lifestyle

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Seeking boating fun? Boat Clubs make it easy.

Picture a warm, sunny day aboard a beautiful boat. You’re cruising with family and friends, enjoying the sound of the waves on the hull and each other’s company. It’s the kind of day that memories are made of…

In other words, it’s the kind of day that boaters live for. Boaters know that when it comes to making the most of your leisure time, nothing beats time spent on a boat. Boating is a great way to experience the great outdoors and few other activities offer you the opportunity to reconnect and bond like boating. What’s more, there’s no age limits to fun on the water—and that’s why you’ll find that a passion for boating is often passed from generation to generation.

However, if boating hasn’t been a part of your past, there’s no reason it can’t be part of your future. In fact, getting started in boating is easier and more affordable than you may realize.

One of the best things about boating is that there are so many ways to enjoy the water—and boats for every activity, lifestyle and budget. Of course, if you’re just getting started, all these options can seem a bit overwhelming. Where do you start?

One great option is a “Boat Club”. If you are getting into boating, Boat Clubs are a tried and true alternative for “testing” the waters.

Open to both new and experienced boaters, a Boat Club lets you enjoy safe, stress free boating for a nominal cost. All the boats are owned by the Club. Memberships include on the water training, access to a variety of boats, and boating as often as you like—a true walk-on walk-off boating lifestyle, without the commitment of ownership. The opportunity to try out different types of boats makes joining a Boat Club a great segue to ownership for the novice boater. The boating experience you gain as a boat club member will let you make a truly educated choice should you opt to buy a boat. Alternatively, some boaters choose to stay as members due to the convenience, boat options, and affordability of Boat Clubs.

As a member you can make reservations online, or call ahead to check availability for that day. Arriving at the dock, your chosen boat is ready and waiting—with your own dockhand to boot. The boat is fully cleaned and fueled with all safety equipment onboard. You’ll sign off on a checklist with a weather report and away you go. While you’re on the water, staff monitor the weather and when it is time to come in, a dockhand is ready to assist with your arrival. Fueling is typically done after each outing so you can just turn the key and walk away.

As a Boat Club member you enjoy most aspects of ownership, without all the associated responsibilities. Most Boat Clubs offer or include insurance, and towing assistance if needed. Member appreciation events are common where water adventures and fishing stories can be shared. Another benefit of membership is reciprocal use at other locations, some of which offer year-round boating south of the border.

Boat Clubs have become a popular choice for families and individuals who want to experience the boating lifestyle, and are rapidly growing in the boating industry. With safety being a top priority, new boats to choose from, and the highest standards regarding dockside customer service, Boat Clubs are a great way to test the waters.