Diesel Inboard Engine

Diesel engines rely on compression to power the engine. Compared to a traditional gas engine, the engines are similar by design, as they have crankshafts and cylinders and pistons; however, the fuel systems are completely different and more complex on a diesel engine.

Diesel engines range in size and horse power. Diesel engines are widely used in other parts of the world, while in the Canada, they are typically found in boats larger than 35 feet. The main reason that diesel engines are not used in smaller boats is weight. The engine in general weighs more than a gas engine. However, they are used in larger vessels because of their ability to produce torque.

In general diesel engines run at lower RPM's than a traditional gas engines.

Benefits / Notes

  • No carbon monoxide to worry about in cabins or on the back of boats
  • Excellent torque
  • Long life expectancy
  • Low running costs
  • Majority of the engines weigh more than a traditional gas engine
  • Non-Explosive fuel


Engine Brands

Brands for Diesel Inboard Engine

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