Stern Drive

A Stern Drive consists of an engine and drive connected to one another through the transom of a boat. A stern drive is sometimes called an Inboard/Outboard, reflecting its design. It is designed so that its engine is inside and enclosed by the boat, while the propulsion system (out drive) is outside of the boat and in the water.

The out drive can be trimmed-moved up or down- and has a propeller attached to the end of it to propel the boat forward and reverse. This is also the main steering system for the boat as it can turn side to side. Because the engine is in the boat, rather than being supported by the transom as in an outboard, larger engines with greater horsepower can be used.

Stern drive can come in a variety of different functions depending on their intended use; drives are available with one or two propellers on a single stern drive. They can also be used in tandem with two drives on a single boat, each with single or multiple propellers.


  • Allows for ease of control and steering in forward or reverse
  • Can be used on gas or diesel engine packages
  • Relatively low maintenance
  • Quiet ad efficient
  • Good value


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